Student Resources

Studio Rules

This one is easy -- just two rules.

1. Take care of yourself.

2. Don't get sick.

      2(b). If you do get sick, don't come.

(In all seriousness: If you get sick, try to not get the rest of the studio sick. Stay away, and get yourself healthy.)

Dress Codes

I expect everyone to dress nicely for lessons. Collared shirts for guys. No shorts, no flip-flops. You are all striving to be professionals, and I expect you all to represent yourselves as such.

For all collegiate large ensemble concerts, the dress is Concert Black. This means tuxedos for gentlemen and all black for ladies. Please talk to me if you need recommendations for where to find this.

It is a good idea for gentlemen to also have all black for other, smaller ensemble concerts.

Masterclasses, juries, and solo recital performances are done in formal dress (suit encouraged and tie required for gentlemen; ladies have options). Again, please talk to me if this is unclear.

Scale Requirements

Students will be required to play a scale test every semester. This test can be scheduled during any lesson, but must be completed by the jury. Students may take the test as many times as needed to pass.

Freshman: All Major Scales

Sophomores: All Major and Melodic Minor Scales

Juniors: All Major and all forms of minor scales

Seniors (Performance majors): Major Scales in Thirds

Students are encouraged to avail themselves to the various tools we have available to us. (Bell scales, Shook Book).


Euphonium students:

First year:

Brad Edwards Lip Slurs

Kopprasch 60 Studies

David Vining Flow Studies (for tbn/euph)

Brad Edwards Simply Singing (medium bass clef)

Second year:

Arban (Encore)

Bordogni/Rochut (Encore)

Other books of interest:

Basics Plus -- Guggenberger

20 Minute Warmup -- Michael Davis

Pasquale Bona, Rythmical Articulation

Bousquet, 36 Celebrated Studies (treble clef)


Tuba students:

First year:

Deanna Swoboda Lip Slurs

Kopprasch 60 Studies (Encore or International)

David Vining Flow Studies (for tuba)

Brad Edwards Simply Singing (low bass clef)

Second year:

Brad Edwards Lip Slurs (read 8vb)

Bordogni/Rochut (Encore) (read 8vb)

Other books of interest:

Basics Plus -- Guggenberger (read 8vb)

20 Minute Warmup -- Michael Davis

Gregoriev, 48 Etudes (Encore)

Bousquet, 36 Celebrated Studies (Fisher arr. Popiel)


Back in the day, we used to have to accumulate excerpts via scanning the parts (and, even further in the past, by photocopying). Though this is still the best way to get ahold of full parts, I have found that all of the excerpts you need can be found at I use this resource quite a bit both for the clean parts as well as for the multiple recordings of each excerpt that you can watch and listen to in context -- highly recommended.

Literature list

My undergraduate teacher, Dr. Mark Cox, compiled an excellent list of solo repertoire for all levels for ITEA. I refer to it extensively, and recommend you do as well. This list can be found here.

Books to read

I really recommend The Inner Game of Tennis. Also high on my list are The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.

Mouthpiece Recommendations

I play exclusively on Robert Tucci Mouthpieces, and I think they're absolutely amazing. This link sends you to the Canadian Brass Store; Michael Jipson is the dude over there and will take care of you. Mention you're my student for an additional discount!

Fingering Charts

CC Tuba

F Tuba